A Contractor Can Solve These 3 Problems With An Online Platform

A Contractor Can Solve These 3 Problems With An Online Platform

For every 100 small businesses, 60 do not have websites. Furthermore, 12 percent of them do not have Facebook pages. This data is from a recent survey of small businesses with a maximum of five members. While it’s easy for techy users to imagine that everybody is online, it appears to be untrue for many businesses, including those in the construction industry.


Is that still acceptable these days? What are construction businesses losing by not having an online presence? Can a digital marketing company help contractors resolve those potential problems? Read on to learn more and determine if you need help from experts. Not having an online platform may hurt a business in many ways, and we will discuss three of them here.


Losing An Opportunity To Advertise


The efforts of a business to advertise are related to its earnings and expectations. If a business already earns a lot and the owner is not looking to expand yet, advertising may not be a priority. On the other hand, if a business owner wishes to gain more profits, they must invest more toward marketing their enterprise.


However, putting more money into traditional advertising can be a mistake. Traditional marketing involves conventional means such as print ads, commercials, and telemarketing. Digital marketing pertains to selling your products on the internet via websites, social media platforms, and email campaigns. As such, digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.


Nobody is telling businesses to stop advertising using old-fashioned methods. Many traditional techniques still exist today because they have been proven to work. But even if a contractor has enough resources for traditional marketing, why not spend on digital marketing too? Digital marketing is not exclusively an alternative—it can be done alongside traditional marketing.


Missing Out On Potential Customers


Advertising results to leads, leads become clients, and clients bring profits. Less advertising may bring about fewer clients. Sometimes, it’s not just about the business brought in but also about the business not brought in. Someone with business sense would be able to identify this as the economic principle of opportunity cost.


An online presence allows contractors not only to advertise their services but also to target a specific market. It lets them keep existing and potential clients alike updated on their latest offers. Through digital marketing, a contractor can easily establish and foster relationships with their clients.

Giving Other Businesses A Competitive Advantage

Say a construction business is still thriving in spite of their absence on the internet. The owner may feel that their company’s advertising efforts are generating enough leads. However, no matter how big or profitable one’s enterprise currently is, it can become even bigger and more successful just like any other company.


But if a contractor is not online, how do they keep up with the competition? They would be hard-pressed to do so, particularly if other companies already have an online presence. By staying offline, they are giving competitors a plethora of advantages and failing to maximize their business’ potential for growth.


Get On The Digital Marketing Train


A contractor can reach their business goals more easily by having an online platform, be it a website or a social media page. We at Ignited Contractor are here to help those in the construction industry succeed with our comprehensive digital and online marketing solutions. Contact us today to get more information about us and our services.