Four Email Blast Ideas For Contractors To Get More Customers

Four Email Blast Ideas For Contractors To Get More Customers

Email is still one of the best digital marketing channels. However, many contractors do not take advantage of email marketing. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to talk directly to customers that want to learn more about your products and services. So developing a consistent and informative email marketing strategy can help you reach those customers. If you are ready to give this marketing strategy a try, here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Address A Common Problem


Addressing a common problem, also known as a pain point, can help you speak to the needs of your audience. For example, if you are a plumbing contractor, think about a common complaint when it comes to plumbing such as low water pressure. Everyone likes to take a shower with strong water pressure, it helps relax their muscles and ease their joints. In your email campaign, you can address the causes of low water pressure, the benefits of strong water pressure, and how your services can help them get better water pressure in their home.


2. Showcase A Case Study


Have you recently done an interesting job? Perhaps you constructed a unique home feature like a pergola or you solved a difficult problem like basement flooding at a home in a low plain. Whatever unusual job you’ve done successfully, use it as a case study to showcase the capabilities of your business. Many of your customers may only know you for the job you’ve done for them. With a case study of something unusual, you’re communicating that you can do a lot of interesting things. This will help them think of you the next time they want something done at their home.


3. Target A Local Issue


Think about a problem that residents face in your area. For example, homes in certain areas of town may have lead in their soil that needs remediation or perhaps there is a common weather event like tornadoes, hurricanes, or even fires. Focus on local issues that cause homeowners anxiety and stress, then speak directly to how your services can help overcome these issues. Let them know that you are someone they can count on if they face this type of emergency.


4. Spotlight Your Staff


Write a biography about a staff member. Highlight their unique skills, experience, and some of the jobs they’ve done with your business. You can even write about yourself. People work closely with contractors, so they want to feel like they know the person well enough to trust them with their home. Introducing them to your team can help build that confidence and lead to more business. If you’ve never written a biography, there are some great tips out there to get you started.


These email blast ideas can help get you started, but for a truly robust and effective email marketing campaign, you’ll need to come up with a lot of ideas and create a lot of content. That’s where ignitedCONTRACTOR can help. Our marketing experts specialize in digital marketing strategies for contractors. We can help you develop a great strategy, create lots of effective content, and test your campaigns to show they are working. Give us a call today to learn how you can grow your contractor business with email marketing.