Market Your Company As Experts

Market Your Company As Experts

When your company offers a highly skilled service like construction work, consulting, legal representation, or medical help, then the skill of you and your employees is critical to your success.  You need people in your service area to think that you’re the most reliable, experienced company they can find, because when it comes to skilled services clients are often willing to pay more than the lowest bid if it means they know they’ve found the right team for the job.  As such, marketing efforts for this kind of company should emphasize that skill.


Create A Helpful Blog


One way to show your experience in your chosen field is by providing helpful information to your website visitors in the form of blogs.  This may seem unintuitive since your visitors may be able to use this information to solve a problem themselves, but at the same time, you’ll be giving them the impression that you’re the experts they can trust.  When those same people come up against a problem they can’t fix like a clogged sewage line, a persistent back pain, or a lawsuit, they’ll remember how helpful and knowledgeable your business is and ask you for help.


Interact With Social Media


Another way to build an expert reputation is to interact directly with customers and curious visitors through social media.  People ask questions all the time online through sites like Quora and Twitter, and if you start answering questions in your field (and link to your company’s website) you’ll build yourself a positive reputation.  Not every questioner will be in your service area, but you can point a potential client to your list of answers.


Build A Professional Website


A big part of marketing is creating the right appearance.  If your website looks like someone slapped it together in the 1990s, it makes it look like your company can’t spare the money or the effort to improve their online presence or appearance.  A modern website should have slick scrolling, a mobile-friendly version, several pages of information, and a sensible layout that makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.  Doing this improves the professional appearance of your company even if you have nothing to do with graphic design or creating websites.


Patrol Your Online Reputation


Before hiring contractors or visiting other expert service professions, people will often check online review sites to see what your previous clients think of you.  Even the best companies will get the occasional negative review, so it’s important to keep track of these review sites and respond to negative reviews when they come up.  Even if you can’t satisfy your old client, the people who see this response will appreciate that you care enough to follow up.  You can also boost your reputation by encouraging your happy clients to create reviews.


An expert reputation is important for many businesses.  That’s why an online marketing campaign that highlights your expertise can get you a solid list of clients.  Something else that helps is working with a marketing team that understands your company’s needs, a team like ignitedCONTRACTOR.