Branding and Marketing Tips for Contractors

Branding and Marketing Tips for Contractors

As a contractor, it is important that you find viable ways to promote and market your construction business. To do this, you need to mine your client base, take advantage of local advertising, and create a stunning website that Google loves in addition to other branding and marketing tips.

Mine a Client Base

Every business needs customers and if you aren't there to help them, they will find another company that can. So, to set the foundation for your customer base, you need to come up with a plan that appeals to both existing customers and potential customers.

To do this, you can provide them with special offers that make it worth their time. You can also stay in touch via email and newsletters, and follow-up with your customers and discuss any referral programs you have to offer.

Local Advertising

With the help of Facebook and Google, you can get more precise demographic data that offers valuable information that is relevant to the behavioral analysis of your customers. For example, instead of just gaining information regarding their income, age, and sex, you can also find other specific traits so you can narrow in on a more precise and specific customer trait for your business.

Create a Website

When you create your website, you want the search engines to catch the traffic while maximizing your online presence on Google. This will drive potential customers to your site while getting them away from the competition. To help improve rankings on Google, you can consider Google Adwords to help.

Refresh Your Brand

Your brand needs to create an impact on customers, as well. Like you teach people to keep their homes and businesses renovated and updated, the same applies to your brand. Your logo design, the look and feel of your website, and even your business cards need to be refreshed and updated to continue to give potential leads something to talk about and consider for their next project. It is a good way to keep your business thriving and growing.

Use Content

Another way to use your website in your favor is to create high-quality content for your customers. It allows you to become an expert in your industry while also driving the conversation between your contractor business and your customers. A well-written article helps solve a problem they may be having and allows you to engage and point the conversation in the best direction.

Free Marketing Ideas

For more help growing and scaling your business, you can also utilize social media. For years it has had quite an impact on this industry and you can create a page that includes your contact information, videos, promotional offers, images, updates, and so much more.

Blog posts and infographics are two more free marketing ideas. As already touched on above, content is a good way to get in Google's good graces and solidify your SEO performance online. It also allows you to cast a much wider net.

Infographics help you stay connected and engaged with your customers. For more information on these tools and other ways, you can build your business, contact ignitedCONTRACTOR today for more information.