Even Contractors Can Benefit From Social Media

Even Contractors Can Benefit From Social Media

Being a contractor is a very different kind of business from something more retail-oriented, such as shops selling goods to customers, or restaurants providing food. Contractors work with only a few clients over the course of the year, and the work is long, hard, complex and protracted.

However, that doesn’t mean that a contractor with a business can’t find usefulness in social media. There’s a whole new world of digital marketing available to contractors to attract even more business, and social media can be a valuable, cost-effective tool.

The New Word Of Mouth

First and foremost, a contractor’s success is still, ultimately, always going to live and die by delivering quality results that clients are happy with. However, that good work that leaves clients happy goes directly into references from those same clients through word of mouth, the most powerful marketing tool available.

Social media is the latest manifestation of word of mouth, except instead of reaching just one person that a happy client is talking to, word of mouth can now go regional and even global. A client that is respected and known can make a huge difference to your business through positive comments on social media that resonate with others.

A Way To Show Work

One important aspect of social media that contractors can take advantage of is the multimedia nature of the technology. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms make it easy for people with smartphones to take photos or even shoot videos and quickly upload them to their accounts.

For contractors, this represents both a way to keep in touch with clients and even show off the results of hard work. It’s a way to bring others into the process, to see how some of the work is done and progresses over the course of a project. At the same time, it’s also a good way to show off the final results, so that it’s not just the client, but everyone else that can see what level of work they receive by choosing to work with you.

Interactive Media

The other vital part of social media, especially as a marketing tool, is the interactive nature. While it’s possible to make posts that show off work or promote the business, the real value of social media comes from taking the time to interact with people on that platform and using the strengths of that platform.

Instagram, for example, is a social media platform aimed primarily at photography, so a strategy to deploy many images on this platform is taking advantage of its strengths, and the markets on that platform. Twitter, on the other hand, is about brevity. Photos are good, and so are short videos, but the platform is known primarily for short comments and quick answers to questions that may crop up. For people that are effective at marketing with snappy commentary or “soundbites,” Twitter can be a very effective platform at attracting new business.

If your contracting business could benefit from more digital marketing, we can help. Contact ignitedCONTRACTOR and let us find more ways to have digital marketing grow your business.